The Adventures of Spellbook | Imágemária’s Illuminated Book

The Spellbook Album has become a witch’s brew of the Imágemária brand, instilling my mystical policy that individualism, knowing oneself and freedom of expression should always be encouraged. The book’s original pitch was “old fashioned photo album, looks like a spellbook some Hogwarts student took to class”… And after a few iterations of spilled potions, scribbled runes and dragon blood stains, the Spellbook Album transformed into a few more versatile themes. Viking rune book… Jedi texts… There And Back Again… and not only as a photo album, but a wedding album, journal, sketchbook, guest book, or Wizarding World memorabilia keeper. The beauty of this leather bound book goes up all the notches of fantastical excellence in the unique illustrative design customized on each individual page. No two pages are alike. No two spellbooks are alike. Not once has a template been used in the creation of these works for my people.

Follow the Adventures of Spellbook as I compile all the unique ways Spellbook recipients are having their tomes custom made. I’m always conjuring ideas to celebrate how people nerd out over their fandoms. There’s a bit of fun science and experimentation I do with every book as I create new inks and dyes, learn new alphabets and scripts, and other curious details to create everything conceivably magical that can possibly go into this made-to-order book. It’s a Realm. It takes you places and does things to you.

The Marauder’s Map wedding invitation is something you can have custom-made for you by Paper Truly! She works with me closely, and will send me a copy if you order her invitation suite with my Spellbook.Harry Potter Photographer

Spellbook joins me for portrait sessions sometimes! If you’d like to tote one as you incantate, send me an owl to plan your own wizarding photo session. You can use my demo Spellbook.

I am always brewing my own potions to create pigments to distress pages. Above was an experiment in creating Hibiscus Extract. It sat on my windowsill for a month.Imagemaria Wizarding World

Eyes of newt.

Dragon Blood was very sweet and began attracting ants, so I have to re-brew now.

…if you ever wondered how unicorn hair cores generate the energy to produce magic.

And here! A new foray into Star Wars with the Spellbook. The ancient Jedi alphabet, which looks Amazing in vertical margins. Spellbook can totally become Jedi or Sith texts.

Viking runes.

Ancient Sith.

Spellbook on a trip to Hogsmeade.

…and one of my favorite endleaves, which very much reminds me of the family tree of Sirius Black.

I’m always creating new styles to encase the finished Spellbook, depends on your theme. Standard casing is the dragon skin envelope with magnetic closure. The twine enclosure was tailored to a Viking motif.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter by Imagemaria

Get lost in a Spellbook.


If you’d like your very own Spellbook custom-made, a new version of it is coming soon to my Etsy shop.

If you’d like a wizarding portrait session to make some magic to fill your Spellbook, send me an owl!

I am currently booking photo sessions at the Wizarding World and outside of the Wizarding World. Magic is everywhere.


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