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It’s like Dapper Day, but darker. Much darker. And we Halloween people love it! I came up with Dapper Day Dark (not affiliated with Disney) because COVID Mickey’s Not-So-Scary went away, and Halloween needs an adult, fancy celebration with magic portraits, doth it not? I terribly enjoyed conjuring spells, dismembering zombies and creating ghastly portraits… […]

There is no child portrait session like one where the kids run rampant making magic. I’m officially convinced Star Wars and Harry Potter can seamlessly blend universes, and these siblings had the most excellent fun shooting and deflecting spells at each other. This little Hermione got Magic Portraits for her birthday. She even requested a… […]

I’m a theme-minded photographer who is pretty used to finding the magic in the obvious spaces designed for us by Disney and Universal. However! While those are always amazing, some of the most authentically magical spaces don’t even require admission. Check your fear of large crowds at the gate — there are acres of magical… […]

There’s no Disney experience like a Magic Disney experience with Imágemária Magic Portraits.

Amorous Totalus! …among other spells these two made at each other as they wand-waved through Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary. Jared proposed to Ashley on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the Hogwarts ride at the Wizarding World in Orlando, and since then they have been keeping the magic alive.… […]

There is no beauty more perfect than what nature has molded, no beauty more pure than truth. So unique are we without alteration, unlike all others in all things which define our personality-molding characteristics: a collection of freckles, a discreet scar, non-discreet coloration, textures, lines. “Imperfections” as we’re inclined to call them, but which in… […]

My twin came to visit! And we had a Mary Poppins styled jolly holiday with our kids between three Disney parks! My favorite thing about going to Disney with kids is immersing totally in their experience and photographing it as observed from their perspective. (Check out that Spielberg gaze in the first photo down there,… […]

What better way for these Disney fanatics to spend their fifth wedding anniversary than the happiest place on earth!

When I host parties, they usually don’t occur without some geeky theme. My dad and sisters were all over this one. Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, The Dig, Curse of Monkey Island… Having grown up on 1990’s Lucas Arts PC games and practically incorporating dialogue and hand made props into our daily childhood,… […]