Stranger Things Party On Location | 15 Nerds in a Flippin’ Van

80’s kids on bikes was our daily life back then. What’s so familiar and iconic about the series is that it unwraps all of that bike-riding, adventure-making, role-playing childhood. The intensity of detail that went into recreating that for the series is what we as creative nerds love and appreciate most about Stranger Things. And so, for our fall time birthday adventure, we designed the ultimate Stranger Things theme party — a big white van to tour us around Atlanta to visit set locations used in the filming of the series. My twin and her husband were lucky enough to have been ST3 background extras (да! Russian scientists!), so we got the inside-out Upside-Down on so many fun details. Most of these locations (at time of this blog publishing) are open to the public. I’ve included addresses so you can visit and explore at your own risk. Complaints, call Murray Bauman 618-625-8313.

Melissa made all these costumes… good to go for Halloween too!Stranger Things Party Griswold Family this is Scoops Troop, do you copy? Stranger Things PartyDustin and Dustin’s stunt double. Alexei! With her “vintage” 7-11 cup! Will the artist.


Town Square near Mulberry Street, 2nd Street and Oak Street in Jackson, GA where you can find store front exteriors used for Melvald’s, Radio Shack, Hawk Theater and the library (below). Also make sure you hit Lucy Liu’s Café where you can find Stranger themed coffee and confections. Just don’t park in the Sheriff’s spot.


109 South Lee Street in Stockbridge, GA. Entrance at the front, lower lot, was used for Hawkins High. Entrance at the rear side was the middle school. The field out back was the site of one of Will’s episodes with the Mind Flayer. Alley behind the gym where Nancy and Steve had an argument about events at the Halloween party.Stranger Things Atlanta Middle school entrance. This was where the “Ghostbusters” realized no one else was dressed for Halloween. Gotta have it cherry. High school entrance.


The Wheeler home is on a cul-de-sac at the end of a beautifully wooded street. Only these home exteriors were used in the series. You’ll find Mike’s place at 2530 Piney Wood Lane. Tread lightly and respect the amount of time you spend here, these are private residences. No trespassing. Sinclair home is at 2550 Piney Wood Lane and the Henderson Home is at 2886 Piney Wood Lane.Stranger Things Atlanta


At 1256 Briarcliff Road you’ll find a condemned old building that looks like it hasn’t seen any action since the 1980’s. And you know exactly what I’m talking about. Exteriors and some lobbies were used in filming. If you go here, mind that they continue using this site for filming (Stranger Things and other things), so mind the signage if something is happening during a week day. This handy guidebook (which was actually our Stranger Things party invitation)! This Alexei and Murray couple costume is the best.


Under the guise of “Gwinnett Place Mall”, actually built in 1984, this interior was the scene of the Battle of Starcourt. The food court and actual shop fronts used in filming are blocked off to the public, and guarded. But you can peek between the cracks and see a bit of that pink neon. They actually tried pretty hard to recollect that secret Russian message to decode.

And off to Scoops Ahoy (by way of Baskin Robbins) for this tubular ice cream cake!

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  • Corey says:

    Awesome pictures! Sorry we couldn’t meet up with you all. I use to ride my bike from the brown church on the corner through that neighborhood to the now Wheeler house. So cool that you guys did this event.

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