Maleficent Inspired Art Nouveau Bridal Cape

This wispy, ethereal cape has evolved into quite a versatile piece of formal fashion. Tulle comes in so many colors (ivory shown), and the tapered back-and-epaulette design translates well for so many different materials and themes. Furs and leathers, unique trim shapes scaled together (like the black flame here), dragon skins, tailored fabrics or embroidered floral like the Invisibility Cloak… down to the drip charm shown here with my signature Deathly Hallows piece (make it yours with any beaded motif), so much can be customized to your very own with this cape. It’s the perfect canvas for any style: bohemian, vintage, gothic or thematic.

Art Nouveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha happened to become a huge inspiration for photographing this cape. Therefore I’ve titled this piece “Art Nouveau Cape” to be a little vague thus encouraging customization, and to get me excited about all the future tulle capes I’ll be photographing in Alphonse Mucha motifs.

The Maleficent-inspired cape was a custom creation for a bride whose Halloween wedding I’ll be photographing. The other fun thing about this cape is that its drape volume is created by panels of tulle from shoulder to floor. We were such on the fence about alternating the ivory with black to make it a Halloween-striped cape, but ultimately she decided on solid ivory, which I love. But the black and white stripes would really be something!

Hello, b’dassery! Elegant badassery is my favorite thing here. This black flame trim may have limited stock where I discovered it, but there are plenty of fun trims that can be “fish scaled” in this manner to create a back design. (It is as fun to play with as it looks.)

Tulle Time!

Various lengths are available with this cape, from quite-a-train to elbow-length capelet.

Bridal Tulle Cape

The fun of this bridal cape is that it can be altered to your imagining. Be in touch with me to discuss having one made for you! I ship worldwide.

Etsy link coming soon.

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