Harry Potter Inspired Invisibility Bridal Cape

Wizarding World inspired custom bridal fashion… fantastic pieces and where to find them? You’ve apparated to the right spot. The Invisibility Bridal Cape is one I conceived as an invisibility cloak with 1920’s glam embellishment, inspired by the era of Fantastic Beasts. The cape can be ordered in one of two fabrics: silver lamé (pictured) which gives the metallic silvery effect we envisioned while reading about the cape’s first appearance in The Sorcerer’s Stone; and silver tulle, which gives a more bridal veil effect, frosty and more see-through. Discover here how I designed this piece. A link will be up soon for you to have your very own Invisibility Cape made-to-order from my Etsy shop.

Magic PortraitsTeaser portrait! Magic Portrait effects are complimentary for my wizarding portrait couples.

This cape is amazingly lightweight and billows beautifully in the breeze!  Gorgeous profile! The lamé is transparent when opened up or positioned in front of bright backgrounds. The tulle (see her hold the tulle out later) is much more see-through in all situations.    Silver tulle option. 

Making of The Invisibility Bridal Cape

I’ve always wanted to design a sweeping cape. There will be more after this one! My original design was an off-shoulder cape topped with a neckline shape dictated by the organic floral/leafy layout of this silver embroidered lace. Clasp and snap closure at the sternum, an almost hidden Deathly Hallows symbol dripping off the back.

I had never worked with lamé prior to this project. A word of note: you can’t iron it! Lamé is basically a nylon/polyester blend with strips of metallic fabric woven throughout. It wipes off well with steam, but steam doesn’t take out all the wrinkles well… you just have to be very careful not to crease it. (Not true of tulle, which both steams and irons well, so if you’re worried about wrinkling, go with the tulle option.)Cape top yoke design.  This silver embroidered lace is one of the most gorgeous things! All of these bits were hand trimmed from the fabric, and assembled carefully to create the neckline shapes and cape bottom trim. Handful of magic! Plotting how to trim an organic design from the heavy side of this lace.  The back piece (yoke). I love organically imperfect design. This floral drip is so fancy. The hem trim, yoke and shoulder lace is all hand-stitched. Finished!You can purchase this cape, made to order, from my Etsy shop. Pair it with my Spellbook album and you’re set for a very Harry Potter styled event indeed.


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