Dr. Who Bridal Portraits | Royal Crest Room St. Cloud Florida

Um, this bride has a sonic screwdriver. And mini DALEKS on her shoes! I LOVE that she was on board with the nerdiest of ideas for what began as a veil modeling shoot… turned Dr. Who themed bridal portraits! The idea for this came when I saw Police Box potential in the British phone booth in the middle of a field at The Royal Crest Room in St. Cloud, Florida. A little color swap and the right client… wedding venue, nerdy adventure! My September bride Kara stepped up stating that she needed a TARDIS picture, despite that we’re shooting her wedding in Georgia, and my answer was: Bridal Portrait. LET’S DO IT! And our totally in Kara-chter Dr. Who session happened. Kara is modeling this unique lavender veil I designed exclusively for her, who requested the motif for a blusher. I thought it perfectly authentic to photograph the wearers of my custom-made products modeling their own pieces, so we worked that into the start of this totally nerdy, timey-wimey, Dr. Who themed photo adventure. Don’t blink!

Custom Wedding VeilDr. Who Wedding Dr. Who Wedding Dr. Who WeddingDr. Who Wedding


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