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It’s like Dapper Day, but darker. Much darker. And we Halloween people love it! I came up with Dapper Day Dark (not affiliated with Disney) because COVID Mickey’s Not-So-Scary went away, and Halloween needs an adult, fancy celebration with magic portraits, doth it not? I terribly enjoyed conjuring spells, dismembering zombies and creating ghastly portraits… […]

There is no child portrait session like one where the kids run rampant making magic. I’m officially convinced Star Wars and Harry Potter can seamlessly blend universes, and these siblings had the most excellent fun shooting and deflecting spells at each other. This little Hermione got Magic Portraits for her birthday. She even requested a… […]

Sith, dark wizardry, a bit of vintage glamour… they all blend here to show off this dark and elegant accent to your cosplay, Halloween or wedding style. This hooded tulle capelet can now be made to order in my Etsy shop and customized to whatever elegantly nerdy theme desired. And if you’re in my path of… […]

If Adventure has two names, it must be Tom and Kristeen. A very adventurous occasion for these two Indy and HP fans as they wed at Ono Luau Polynesian Restaurant in Vero Beach, Florida. Their first look to Marion’s Theme, a ceremony volcanoside to the Yule Ball suite, wand waving, and an exit in peril… […]

The Spellbook Album has become a witch’s brew of the Imágemária brand, instilling my mystical policy that individualism, knowing oneself and freedom of expression should always be encouraged. The book’s original pitch was “old fashioned photo album, looks like a spellbook some Hogwarts student took to class”… And after a few iterations of spilled potions, scribbled… […]

I’m a theme-minded photographer who is pretty used to finding the magic in the obvious spaces designed for us by Disney and Universal. However! While those are always amazing, some of the most authentically magical spaces don’t even require admission. Check your fear of large crowds at the gate — there are acres of magical… […]

This wispy, ethereal cape has evolved into quite a versatile piece of formal fashion. Tulle comes in so many colors (ivory shown), and the tapered back-and-epaulette design translates well for so many different materials and themes. Furs and leathers, unique trim shapes scaled together (like the black flame here), dragon skins, tailored fabrics or embroidered… […]

A Dapper Day season ago, Darth Vader from the planet Vulcan came and told me if I didn’t make this dress from Back to the Future, that he was gonna numb my brain. I’m glad I accomplished this one; it worked my brain in many new areas that couldn’t afford to go numb. My favorite… […]

Long walks down haunted avenues, occasional magic, and “spirited” gatherings for Neil and Ashley on their wedding day. When COVID-19 became the unwelcome entity, the oldest [most haunted] city in the nation literally became a ghost town. Yet, they were determined to marry this day, and with a fast-paced unraveling of Coronavirus events, almost all… […]