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Jackie Chan, Jedi Master. Would we not love to see a cameo in the next big Star Wars film? Yes. We. Would. While it’s a great conversation starter, I’m thrilled just to give him a lightsaber today, just to prove he’d be King of Badassery with one. Thankfully, I’m a digital artist who can fulfill… […]

I’ve done a bit of travel, but since I’ve evolved a fantasy nerd following with portraits at Imágemária in recent years, it’s only fitting my travel blogs should take on some of that flavor too. Porto is a prime spot to start as, legend has it, this city grandly inspired J. K. Rowling in many… […]

Come to Grimmauld Place. We have unicorns, tapestries and hidden alchemy inside the Black Family Tree. This original blouse design was such a labor of love of all things authentically Medieval, witchcrafty, Harry Potterish, and Sirius Black. The design is inspired twofold by the Black Family Tree and also by historic unicorn tapestries, the intricacy of… […]

May the Force be with you. Always. Hannah and Steven combine their powers for this engagement adventure in Winter Garden, Florida.

Nothing like a thematic family portrait session with a theme everyone can get into! Perfect adventure before they set off on Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser. Plan a thematic portrait adventure for your family! Manda specializes in thematic and effects portrait experiences, inside and out of theme parks.

Fantastic Dapper Day this spring at Epcot and Hollywood Studios! This spring I enjoyed promoting Umbrella Fellas by showing off their original Hollywood Studios parasol and having a few others model it around. I usually design and sew something new every Dapper Day; this time I actually did some fashion photos of my Kuzcotopia (alongside… […]

Behold the conjuring of Imágemária’s very first fashion line: Wizarding World inspired wearable art featuring my magical photography! My first design was “Orrery”,  photographic art created from the celestial ceiling at the gift shop Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment in Diagon Alley. Anywitch who’s ever marveled more at the ceiling here than the products below, you know… […]

Red gown, Burtonesque backdrops, horror movie themed guest tables, sandworm wedding crashers, Frank N. Furter on the dance floor… Hunter and Alannah’s Beetlejuice / horror movie themed wedding reception is something to write home about (in blood, or in lipstick, whichever is best available). Side romp to Beetlejuice’s grave, add a little Imágemária magic, and… […]

A little thematic design for those of us who need to express ourselves the Disney way, this Beauty and the Beast inspired maternity session brought us through the woods and into the Beast’s castle. And we didn’t even need to go to Disney (or the Beast’s castle), or deal with the crowds or permits. As… […]

Congratulations to Sarah and Seth! Their bohemian styled wedding at 1010 West Orlando was naturally gorgeous with a macrame’d chuppa, varieties of floral and hand-dried herbs arranged by Secret Garden Guru, scents of sage, a deliciously all-vegan menu and a tasty stop by Sweet Fleet Orlando for non-dairy frozen treats. What beautiful energy these two… […]