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Fleur Delacour’s wedding dress (of Harry Potter fame) was the inspiration behind this thematic alteration of a donation bridal gown: black peacock lace on a short-trained white lace gown, and the peacock heads land perfectly on-bust. They look amazing on a sweetheart neck lined with scalloped eyelash lace. The silhouettes I considered for this alteration… […]

Fortune and glory came upon this Dapper Day with the arrival of a special adventure guest — my sister! This occasion was dually special following the reunion of Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan, celebrating Ke’s recent successes, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Indy 5, and twin nerds enacting Indy adventures as we have done… […]

Ready, Players 2! There’s nothing like an engagement session in Orlando, where you can pretty much find a suitable scene for every little thing you love together.

Marching band, reading, mechanical engineering. If Parker was off to Hogwarts, this is exactly what a day in the life would look like.

There is nothing like a fusion fandom wedding! Further yet, nothing like a stormtrooper escort down the aisle, getting chased by AT-AT, a wand/lightsaber battle, dancing on clouds, and moving portraits to remember it all. So excited for Andrew and Katrina to have created such magic moments for them at The Club Continental in Jacksonville,… […]

A holiday in Hogsmeade Village for these two celebrating their one year wedding anniversary! Happy Christmas!

Congratulations to Andrew and Katrina! Life is off to a magical start when you take off on a Wizarding World adventure.  

Fall color, dip kisses, long-lasting face hugs, the “killing sword”, the best dance floor chemistry, and a Blues Brothers exit. Jillian and Zach had probably one of the most authentic weddings I’ve ever been witness to, and it’s refreshing to see a couple and their people so genuine. They just bleed joy for each other,… […]