Manda Kar


“Nostalgic.   Off-the-beaten-path.   Inclusive.   Hand-made.   Organic.   Honest.”


Hey I’m Manda! These are the words of those I’ve created for, their combined experience.

I think creative people should use their power to empower others. That is what excites me.

I’m a subtle geek, but when you pop that balloon it really explodes.

Tempt me with wizardry, science fiction, anything vintage… you’re bound to get more than you bargained for.

I enjoy writing about humanity and channeling my inner Indiana Jones, discovering old books and artifacts.

You might find me sipping a cortado while sketching my next retrofantasy piece of fashion.

Ever get the feeling you’re in a Hitchcock movie? A scene which challenges

everything you’ve ever believed was possible?

I like challenging what people believe is possible, especially when they find a little bit of themselves in the end, creating Ultimate Unique Experiences.

All of us need UUE’s.


I want a UUE!


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Honesty rocks. Five ways I’m completely transparent as your photographer:


1. If you’re wacky or traditional, nerdy or not, black, white, rainbow or dragon… if you’re being yourselves, I accept you totally and encourage you recklessly.

2. Pricing for events: $200 per hour. Simple. No hidden things. Cuz those suck. I’m listening…

3. I ethically work to promote confidence and self love by not editing bodies. I love yours the way it comes to me.

4. High res unmarked images. Many of you are creators too. I get it, and we can work with that!

5. A book in the hand is worth a hundred pics on a cloud. I like books. Antiqued tomes, This-Is-Our-Personality, museum treasure kinda stuff. I admit to my agenda: Creating an amazing album that says This Is Us, not This Is Template… one you can’t find anywhere nor make yourself. No obligations, but I get excited to become your personal archivist. I leap at sketching concepts for you. N’kay, so what’s an album cost me?


I love showing behind the scenes of client makes as I’m making them, and they seem to like that too.

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