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Meet Manda

“Nostalgic. Off-the-beaten-path. Inclusive. Hand-made. Organic. Honest.”

In these words from those I’ve created for, this is the combined experience at Imágemária. It says a lot about everything here.

Someone once told me “fantasy” and “photojournalism” are counterintuitive. To that I say, “Well, why?” It makes perfect sense to those of us who live a total mix of imagination and authenticity. As much as I love conjuring magic, I also love the truest of moments which bring forth our humanity — unposed laughter, closed bashful eyes, incorporating one’s weirdest, wildest cosplay into a serious event — because that’s who we are. Portraits should never be superficial, because loving exactly who you are and what you’re about is empowering. It’s deeper than photography.

You might find me sipping a cortado while sketching my next retrofantasy fashion design. I enjoy writing about humanity and channeling my inner Indiana Jones, discovering old books and artifacts (and often creating them). I like to call what I create for people “artifacts”.

I’m a subtle geek, but when you pop that balloon it really explodes. Tempt me with wizardry, Halloween, science fiction, anything vintage… you’re bound to get more than you bargained for.

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Honesty rocks. Five ways I’m completely transparent as your photographer:

1.  If you’re wacky or traditional, nerdy or not, black, white, rainbow or dragon… if you’re being yourselves, I accept you totally and encourage you recklessly.

2.  Pricing for events: $200 per hour. Simple. No hidden things. Cuz those suck. I’m listening…

3.  I ethically work to promote confidence and self love by not editing bodies. I love yours the way it comes to me.

4.  High res unmarked images come complimentary in packages $400 and over. Yes you can purchase them otherwise, or they come free when you get a sweet book!

5.  A book in the hand is worth a hundred pics on a cloud. I like books. Antiqued tomes, This-Is-Our-Personality, museum treasure kinda stuff. I admit to my agenda — creating an amazing album that says This Is Us, not This Is Template… one you can’t find anywhere nor make yourself. No obligations, but I get excited to become your personal archivist. I leap at sketching concepts for you. N’kay, so what’s an album cost me?

I love showing behind the scenes of my peoples' artifacts as I’m making them.
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